Finally arrived, and for sure it’s very dramatic it’s also very fast and it turns great many heads as u get in the marina, but when u look at it, it’s not that outlandish u can almost argue it’s elegant.

It started out in life as a John Corby design, and at Blue Marine we draw the deck and modified the hole lot. Build it in Vinelester and E glass to make a light and durable boat, and the deep V shape bottom provides comfort at sea,

But make no mistake, this is not a boat of practicality, you ll not find a cabin with a galley and 3 toilets with a head room. This is a boat to take you places in style, a boat that all your friends ll talk about.

And don’t be disappointed on the comfort miss, the trade is worth it.


Overall Length 7,45 m
Beam 2,35 m
Draft to props 0,7 m 
Weight (excl. Engine) 950 kg
Fuel capacity 180 l 
Construction GRP 
Classification C – Inshore Max speed rangeup to 60 knots 
Outboard engines 115 - 300 hp 

Price starts at 57 000 € (incl. 115 hp Engine, ex VAT).

Contact us for options and delivery.

Blue Marine